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. but i think you'll like the change is coming on the way. that's thank you. now back to our other big story -- >> thank you. now back to our other big story. after months of negotiation, ratified and ebbert -- the players ratified an agreement with the owners. >> jerry kenduskeag has details of the agreement. everybody is smiling and is all over. >> law school today, football tomorrow. the lockout has finally ended. the longest walkout in history with minimal damage on the field. -- lockout in history with minimal damage on the field. the full body of nfl players still have to vote, but they have never gone against what team reps have suggested. this went right to the last minute. they worked until 3:00 a.m. this morning to finalize documents. the ravens will open tomorrow not -- tomorrow morning with training camp beginning wednesday and other team members joining thursday. commissioner roger goodell and executives came together as partners today and they bring football back to the field today. >> everybody had a passion and everybody believes in this game of football and what we can
cool off a little bit. the weather is triggering a big line of thunderstorms approaching western maryland. this is associated with a cluster and as you can see, is tracking south-southeast. it is possible the main batch of storms will drops out and head into west virginia and avoid our region. it looks like we will be on the eastern french -- eastern fringe. probably will i get here until tomorrow evening. we will talk about heat relief in your seven-day forecast coming up. >> pull off a band-aid quickly. president obama urged lawmakers to just do it. he said it agreed to a deal to extend the debt ceiling and bought to default. republicans say no. >> with three weeks ago, president obama said a compromise to avoid a federal default is being blocked by republicans. >> i do not see a path to a deal of they don't budge. >> as talks today began, republicans would not budge on taxes. the speaker has learned a lesson. one key party freshmen will vote no on a tax hike. >> i believe we have a debt crisis not a debt ceiling vote crisis. >> it tax rate stood not rise -- >> the american peo
for their artistic seven-year-old, and they say he has made big improvements in class. >> it takes a minute to figure out, and now they are doing it in a matter of seconds. >> they are looking to find new educational applications for other students, and they hope others will donate applications to help them. and use a larger for when you are dining out. a new study from the university of utah found that when customers were given a larger portions, they 8 less food overall. -- they ate less food. having a large forked -- fork provides a clue. doctors from john hopkins and cedars sinai says that the surgeons behavior in the operating room sets the tone for the surgery. those who scored higher in civility had your post operative death and complications. and some say they try to avoid difficult doctors, even if they have a question about medication orders. >> now, your 11 insta-weather forecast. >> well, it certainly feels tropical out there this afternoon. the dewpoint climbed into the 70's, and in there, there have been some thunderstorms. like i said at the top of the show, some reports of heavy rain
preparing for the big show all weekend. 1400 fireworks shells are set of right now on barges. producers of the show to tell us they will last about 18 minutes tonight. the bottom line for today is having a fine relaxing time with friends and family to celebrate a day off and to celebrate our freedoms. >> i served in the army for five years. this is a day to remember that we are all patriots. >> the fireworks show begins at 9:30 tonight. if there is some severe weather, they will cancel the show and try again tomorrow night at 9:30. our fingers are crossed. >> for a list of all the fourth of july events around md., go to wbaltv.com. >> americans took this day to celebrate freedom in very different ways. >> july 4 at the beach, is there any better way to celebrate america's birthday? >> it is torture. >> independence day is a chance to chill out with a cookout. in phoenix, it may have not has been a spot -- as hot as a firecracker, but it was 100 degrees. jon huntsman was literally running for the white house. in atlanta, participants were trying to survive 10 kilometers. nothing like the
and competitors as one of the most athletic big men in the city. the coach says he developed a nice wing game and the way he takes players off the dribble is impressive and so is his behavior off the court. >> he wasn't all-around nice guy. >> he touchwas an all-around nie guy. >> he touched lives here and everywhere. it is a sad thing. >> everything we do will be for marcus. our season will be dedicated to marcus. >> markets was scheduled to play today at a national basketball tournament. he is being recruited by a number of colleges in maryland and georgia. david collins, wbaltv.com is. >> federal arrangements have been -- funeral arrangements have been finalized for a teacher. of ewing will be tomorrow night at the march federal home. his funeral will be saturday morning on baltimore national pike and burial will be after at king memorial park. >> both sides of the lockout are meeting to find a way out of the stoppage. owners have been meeting in atlanta. >> in atlanta, optimism from the honor. the lockout could be close to the end zone. >> we have made a ton of progress and i am hopeful t
conversation about what kind of security might be appropriate for big eve dance there. more on that at 6:00 p.m. >> right now, you can take a closer look at a picture of the man police want to question in connection with the fatal stabbing. you can also vote in our survey. do you feel safe at the inner harbor? so far, most feel, no, they do not. >> for the third time in two weeks detectives are investigating another home invasion where the suspects identified themselves as police officers. it happened first in northeast baltimore and then again in sutter hill and then at the 2500 block of west garrison avenue around 5:30 a.m. this morning. this is what has the real police on edge. >> we are either investigating a possible link between the three incidents that occurred over the last couple of weeks, or copycat incidents. >> baltimore city police investigating a third home invasion in a couple of weeks where the suspects identified themselves as baltimore city police officers to gain entry. iran 6:00 a.m. tuesday morning, police say three men dressed in police clothing broken into at the 2700 b
. that is a big change from the high humidity we have seen. in baltimore, where you're in the low to mid 80's. a little bit cooler out west. 70's.'s alicante -- low the difference is the dryness in the atmosphere. the lower the dew point, the dryer is. today, we see 40's and 50's north and west. this means major trying has moved into the region. tonight, we start with mostly clear skies. it's going to be a change from the upper 50's. the record low -- if we could get that low at dwi marshall will prevent us from: not that much. i do not think it is going to get there. i think that the service might track through late tonight and tomorrow. it might be a little bit up high-pressure. we will reassert our control on the region. there you see that ribbon of cloudiness stretching across the state. as high pressure pushes down from the north, skies clear out again. that should hold into saturday and sunday. our next real shot at any rain around here, it looks like it will come through monday or tuesday next week. the forecast for tomorrow -- like winds out of the south. humidity level staying down.
's and low 80's out that way, but the big difference is the viewpoint. yesterday, dew points in the 70's. there is a weak cool front on the way coming out of western pennsylvania. that might trigger a brief sprinkle or shower in a spot or two. otherwise, partly cloudy night. tomorrow, the temperatures may actually stay below 90. we will see how much longer this more comfortable summer air mass will stick around. we checked the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> now that the players and fans are getting back to the business of football now that the lockout is over, it is time to let the games begin. >> finally. we begin live team coverage tonight from the capital. >> think of this as the football version of the fall of the iron curtain. in this case, the invisible fence. for 136 days, raven' players were not allowed on the property. today, they open the doors and welcome the players back, and tomorrow, they will welcome them back to training camp. doors opened this morning at about 10:00 a.m.. the first player to a ride, a second-year tackle. he was quickly foll
, but by the late 80's big changes in car manufacturing made them much cleaner. >> we have better engines, better metals, and we do not get begin cameron -- the contaminants in oil like we used to. >> the theory that it needs to be changed because it wears out is wrong. the oil itself never wears out. some companies are introducing we refined oil. it is cleaned and additives are added back in. if it is a reputable company, they are probably using it. do you get what you pay for? yes, because more expensive oil has a better additive package, allowing the oil to last longer. >> all of the oil manufacturers have to meet a standard for oil. they can meet a minimum standard, or if the oil is more expensive, they can increase the additive package. that is the most expensive part of the oil is the additive package. >> tucked inside the lab in wichita, chemists work the janette -- diligently, constantly keeping up with new and tougher regulations by the american petroleum institute. >> there are numerous additives that are put into the oil. those include detergents. those include anti-wear additives, ant
of the big debate over the tax breaks given to developers for certain projects. city officials are -- a new report does the math. >> the city uses a couple of tax incentive to sweeten the pot. double that of surrounding jurisdictions. critics add if they could get a break, why not everyone else? >> it is the best evidence that city -- they know they rate is too high. there were given tax breaks that allow them to avoid most of their annual property tax bill for years. >> the recognize that by offering tax breaks to single development projects instead of giving them across the board, they have a tax break for citizens. >> the city gave $3.4 million in property taxes and $3.9 million for the office building. they are two of the 13 projects that get tax breaks. tolling last year $14.50 million. >> it is a judgment call. >> the city's development chief deciding who gets them and who does not. the incentives were provided to the board of estimates. the incentives provide other benefits through taxes that are generated. >> but for these additional city financial incentives the project will not be
on the fast track. getting such a big and complex deal done in time to beat the august 2 deadline might not be possible, but in the meantime, there is still short-term deal in the works to avoid default. >> still had some of the major welcome some baltimore city students after their trip to china. plus, >> ability to smile seems like a small thing, that is unless you cannot do it. coming up, a life-changing surgery. >> >> the mayor welcome told a group of students just returning from china. the students represented baltimore city the visit was made possible thanks to local sponsorships. >> tonight's medical alert, what if there ways to detect alzheimer's disease 20 years before memory problems developed? according to a new study, this may soon be possible. researchers are planning clinical trials and some data has suggested changes in those markers could be found years before memory loss occurred. that study will focus on people with to genetic mutations for the disease but have not developed any symptoms yet. the teenager born with paralysis on the right side of her face is hoping her
. a medical breakthrough. [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®. >> the ravens quarterback is taking advantage of the extra time off the field to help support a good cause. he participated in the annual goff and tournament -- tennis tournament -- annual golf and tennis tournament to raise funds for children. >> i like to get out and play golf with the guys and it is also a good cause. >> we will get to see him swing one? what do you think? we will assume he hit the ball pretty good. following the tournament there is an auction and awards ceremony. >> in tonight's medical alert, when you hear the word cataracts, most of us think of the elderly. but some parents are learning their sometimes found in newborn babies. a cataract is where the lens of the eye becomes cloudy where it is usually clear. it is rare, but it does affect thousands of newborns each year. surgery has to be done early. >> if you leave it in, the child w
for the cities for recent college graduates. >> it is hereditary. 159.16. >> some big-name prescription drugs will be available as generic. find out how much money you can say. >> and the national cancer institute releases a study on teenagers and cell phone is. >> they have learned how to open coolers and the use their young to hustle taurus. details coming up. >> recent college graduates, he may want to listen. if you are looking for job opportunities, you may want to move out of seat. believe it or not, des moines, in what has the most it businesses ought -- of any city on the list. raleigh, north carolina came in second. new cities in the state of maryland made the cut. -- no cities in the state of maryland may be cut. >> more research about cell phones and brain cancer, this one specifically for teenagers. the study found no increased risk for cancer among teenagers who regularly use a cell phone. they found the study after comparing teenagers with brain cancer and comparing them to kids without the disease. they also could not find tumors in parts of the brain with more exposure to radi
, automakers called higher fuel efficiency of impossible. after a bailout and some pressure, the big three agreed to the u-turn. >> i think that is a beautiful thing. this is a good truck, but it is terrible and gas. it is killing me. >> the administration did agree on a midterm review before final implementation to make sure the new standards are feasible for everyone. >> a study by harvard school of government shows a hybrid and electric vehicles cost more over a lifetime than gas-powered ones. experts believe the cost of gas will be at $4.50 a gallon. speaking of cars, here are some common sense tips to keep your gas costs down. independent gas stations, they are typically cheaper. pay with cash at gas stations that offer a discount for cash. amazon has reached a licensee -- licensing agreement with nbc and universal. this is the second deal that amazon has made in about a week's time. an agreement with cbs gives amazons network shows. no doubt you have seen more and more of these little symbols and magazines, on television's. the know what they can do for you? they are called quick res
big bucket. >> it is lousy. >> congressional leaders were callback to work on saturday. democrats and republicans are united on one point, they don't like what they are hearing so far. >> there is no agreement in private or public. as the president said yesterday, we are this far apart. >> the white house is lowering expectations for sunday's meeting, predicting bottom lines, but not breakthroughs. >> new information tonight after a small plane comes crashing into a california hospital. >> m&t bank stadium is getting prep for a battle of a different kind of monster jam, were you will see the biggest and baddest trucks around. export people were killed, including two children, after a small plane crashed into a hospital in california. the single-engine plane came down shortly after takeoff. officials are not sure what caused the crash, but witnesses say it took a nosedive before crashing into the building. no one on the ground was hurt. for people in lambing -- in wyoming. the motive behind a shooting in wyoming is still under investigation. drexel horrifying day in grand rapids, m
why. he looked like an eighth grader that joint elementary school pickup games. if so big and so strong and so fast. his imposing physical stature was only part of what made him great. he made baltimore home after a hall of fame career. the last several years he was battling and, he could not conquer, dementia. >> when he caught the ball, the show just started then because he could go with it. he was also a tremendous teammate. he had a positive attitude, a personable guy with a positive attitude. >> it despite his tremendous accomplishment on the field, mackey was not voted into the hall of fame until his 15th year of eligibility. many believe that it was a direct result of his involvement with the players' union. >> a legacy of greatness. relive the right to this john mackey touchdown catch that made super bowl history and see how the aid plan keeps his legacy alive. -- the 88 plan keeps his legacy alive. it is all at wbaltv.com. >> a new federal report over well-being on the nation's young people, the teen birthrate decline for the second year in a row. that is good. but also
if moms work during the earlier. >> now, your forecasts. >> of the big weather news is the temperature outside. there is rain that brought a few people some of leave. there were some pretty strong storms that have pretty well diminished. that is all that is left, but clouds are drifting into the harbor. we have some fen cloud over the city with isolated showers over the western portions of the district of columbia. from virginia, that as the stronger thunderstorm activity right now. storms tend to pop up and dissipate within an hour. they don't have the same kind of history as a line of storms coming in. hot temperatures have contributed to that. but temperatures where rain has fallen has dropped 25 degrees. let's take a look at where we are today. that is not the final word on the temperature. we have had 15 days of by the end of today's of 100 degrees. this still leaves us 25 days of 90 + days. near the bay, they are benefiting a little bit by that. look at ocean city. 106 down town. 91 in westminster. down to 78. they were up to 100 before the storms hit. it feels like -- well, 117
of the great lakes does not have a big push behind it, so they will likely get to the same position in stalled. that means thursday and friday more thunderstorms will be generating as the storm's approach. with the front stalled in our location, none of the showers and storms will be in the forecast -- showers and storms will be in the forecast for friday and saturday. temperatures like today tomorrow. warm and muggy. slightly better chance we will see storms around baltimore car. southerly breeze on the bay. low 80 on the harbor. 40% chance of a storm in gary county tomorrow. they were down to 52 degrees this morning at oakland. it will be warmer to be rigid in that tonight and tomorrow. hot and steamy around the bay tomorrow. watch for scattered thunderstorms. but or eastern shore them a little bit of sunshine and 30% chance of a late date that the storm. the pattern hones -- kohl's through saturday. sunday looks like the best day of the weekend. sunny skies and 90 degrees. to go out to have a yard sale that will actually make you money. new iphone may soon be on the way. >> apple has report
is going to support this legislation. >> it is as big as we wanted to go? no, we wanted to go bigger. we ran on going bigger. but this is the only proposal on the table that accomplishes the goals that we set out to do. >> after yesterday's scramble to cut more spending and with more arms, boehner has his troops in line. >> for the sake of jobs and for the sake of our country, let's pass this bill and and this crisis. >> the boehner plan will cut spending $917 billion over 10 years, but would require a second vote 10 months. house democrats cannot stop it. but senate democrats say they will. >> it will not pass because of a short-term extension risking the same things that no extension risks. >> but democrats have given up on tax hikes and they would cut spending more than house republicans would. could the two plants be combined in a compromise? >> congress has a way of waiting until the last minute to do the right thing. >> if we do not extend the debt ceiling, we are, in fact, going to raise interest rates. >> five days left to take up the boehner plan and defeat it. setting up peter
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